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   Demos were excellent.

Mark Busse

Partner / Design Director, Industrial Brand

Co-Chair, Vancouver Design Week 2010

Meeting Summary: Bulletproof PDFs from InDesign/Plug-In demos

Tue, Feb 10th, 2009 at 6:00 PM

Vancouver Film School - Theater

Event Details

The Vancouver InDesign User Group held its first meeting of 2009 on Tuesday, Feb 10th. The evening was a great success with nearly 120 members attending (including about 15 walk-ins). The meeting was held at the Vancouver Film School. Sebastian Distefano of Adobe once again wowed the audience with his knowledge of InDesign and demo-god abilities as he discussed the benefits of using the PDFX1A format and correcting errors in Acrobat to generate bulletproof output.

The meeting began with an introduction by Jeff Kew, as he showed off of some of the great online resources currently available (PDFs mentioned are linked at the bottom of this page):
(A free InDesign training site that has PDFs of many InDesign keyboard shortcuts and more...)
(New articles)
(Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About InDesign Preferences and Presets. A free PDF download)
(The InDesignSecrets Guide to Special Characters in Adobe InDesign in PDF and free to download)
(Well-designed templates for InDesign)
(Affordable online video-based training)

After the online resources were shown, Jeff proceeded to demo the following plug-ins:

Marksware - Q2ID

Recosoft - PDF2ID

Zevrix - Bundle (LinkOptimizer, BatchOutput, InPreflight)

Teacup - TypeFitter Pro and PatternPack

Sebastian Distefano of Adobe spent the next part of the evening discussing the benefits of PDFX1A, and how to catch and correct errors in Acrobat including placed RGB images, etc.

We concluded by drawing evaluation forms for prizes from two separate boxes, one for people who wanted a chance to win the Adobe software and one for people who wanted a chance to win from the books, magazines, online subscriptions or plug-ins.

Thank you

Many thanks to our sponsors for donating the following products and services for this meeting. Any relevant discount codes will be distributed in the e-mail version of this summary. Best prices for books are usually found at, and don't forget that there are often discount member benefits for book purchase; check these out in the Member Benefits area on the IDUG website.

FOCAL PRESS (Computer Training Books)

INDESIGN MAGAZINE - One Year Subscription (2)

MARKZWARE - Q2ID (2) + t-shirts

NAPP - Layers Magazine Subscriptions (2)

NAPP - Kelby Training 1 month Access (2)

O'REILLY PRESS (Computer Training Books)

PEACHPIT PRESS (Computer Training Books)


SIMPLY COMPUTING (Refreshments Table)

STOCKLAYOUTS - Three month subscription (1)

TEACUP - TypeFitter Pro CS4 (3), Pattern Pack CS4 (3)

TPH - Biz Card Printing: 250 Digitally printed cards (1177 W. Hastings St.)

ZEVRIX - Bundle set of BatchOutput, Link Optimizer, InPreflight (2)

ADOBE GIVEAWAYS (1 of each was given away at this meeting)
InDesign CS4 Mac
InDesign CS3 Mac
InDesign CS3 Windows
InCopy CS3 Mac
Dreamweaver CS3 Mac
Design Premium CS3 Windows

All Adobe CS3 Products are eligible for regular CS4 upgrades.

Many thanks to Adobe for their ongoing and generous support. Without them, we wouldn't be having these meetings.

Facilities for the meeting supplied by the Vancouver Film School,

A special thank-you to Sebastian Distefano for going the extra miles to be with us (over 3000 of them). Also a special thanks to our volunteers who put these meetings together; Jeff Kew, Trish Anderson, Regina Leung, and Miles Harrison. And last but not least, thanks to everyone who came out for this event and gave us their generous feedback.

Comments from attendees

Comments will be posted to online meeting summary shortly.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will likely be the end of May or early June. We will be discussing Data Publishing with InDesign. With "Beyond Data Merge" we will discuss what InDesign can do on its own and also demo some third party solutions that show you how to get InDesign to talk to and maintain live links to external data sources such as spreadsheets, databases, etc...

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