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   An interesting overview - giving plenty of ideas of what we could be doing with our print publications to create interactive versions and other distribution methods.

Meeting Summary: InDesign CS5.5 and Acrobat X - What's new?

Wed, Aug 24th, 2011 at 6:30 PM

RMIT University

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Tasked with the mission of covering the new features in InDesign CS5.5, Acrobat X and Muse, Michael Stoddart from Adobe gave an exceptional overview of the digital publishing capabilities of these technologies.

InDesign CS5.5

There are two main types of digital publishing - layout-dependent OR layout-independent. Michael made it clear that it is important to know which of these two types of digital publishing you're planning to create.

Layout-dependent (.folio to be viewed on Adobe Content View)
- rich media with interactivity, video, audio etc.
- curated content with a beginning, middle and end
- Example: WIRED magazine app

Layout-independent (.epub to be viewed on Digital Editions)
- text heavy
- eBooks where the device controls the layout

With CS5.5, an InDesign user can now create apps by creating the content in InDesign, exporting it as a .folio file, publishing and distributing the .folio file via Digital Publishing Suite ( The important thing to note here is that while you can create as many .folio files as you want, you can only publish one .folio file. If you're planning to publish more than one .folio file, you can choose to purchase either the Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition (

Michael also introduced us to the new Articles palette which allows the user to define the content order, great for creating accessible PDFs and eBooks.

InDesign CS5.5 has also made it much easier to anchor objects to text, just click and drag. Easy done!


Michael also took us through Muse, one of Adobe's latest creations which allows the user to create websites (not just web page). And did I mention that the beta version is currently free to download? (

Acrobat X

Apart from the new interface, Acrobat X has the ability to save PDFs of text and spreadsheets BACK to Word and Excel. To do this, simply go to File > Save As > Microsoft Word / Spreadsheet.

Another wonderful feature in Acrobat X is the ability to now ensure that any grayscale as well as RGB objects for which R=G=B print using only black. To access this, go to File > Print > Advanced > Color Management > Treat grays as K-only Grays.

Thank you

Many thanks to our generous sponsors supplying us with prize giveaways: Adobe, eDocker, Markzware, Peachpit, Copy Captain, Stocklayout and InDesign Magazine. Congratulations to our five lucky winners!

And a big shout out to RMIT, Aquent and Firebrand for their commitment and support to the InDesign User Group.

A special thank you to our volunteers, Trever, Peter, Melissa, Alex, Christine and Ashling for making each meeting as successful as they are.

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Comments from attendees

- Excellent. Michael is always good value.

- Informative, especially on Muse.

- Excellent! Great speaker, knowledgeable, fun!

- An interesting overview - giving plenty of ideas of what we could be doing with our print publications to create interactive versions and other distribution methods.

- Very interesting related to current debates on the future of design and information.

- Entertaining and informative, good to know about InDesign & folio.

- Interesting, first I knew about Muse!

- Interesting and informative, nice window to the future of designers.