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   Very interesting - just need to go and put it all into practice now!

Ainsley Kennedy

Meeting Summary: Create Animation in InDesign

Wed, Mar 9th, 2011 at 6:30 PM

RMIT Brunswick

Event Details

If you have missed this meeting, not to worry! Introducing the very first podcast of the Melbourne InDesign User Group on Youtube!

It was also the debut of our “Ask RMIT” desk with the "Ask Aquent" an existing success where attendees are encouraged to bring along their resumes and portfolios for Aquent and RMIT representatives to feedback and provide support.

Mike McHugh started the evening with a demonstration of new Adobe Photoshop app for the iPad. Is this the future for Adobe and the graphics industry?

After a nice surprise, Mike dived into the benefits of cross-media with the use of InDesign and its interactive features.

To locate the tools go to Windows > Interactive. There is a number of different palettes that will expand your creative and functional designs. An alternative is to choose the interactive workspace and this will bring up the relevant palettes:

• Animation
• Buttons
• Object States
• Media
• Preview
• Timing

Tips and advice:
• Name your buttons and States.
• Be aware not all functions work with PDF.
• InDesign can transfer content to Flash or Catalyst or Flash Builder for further development.
• Use the Flash to HTML convert to make your design reach a larger audience.

Thank you

Many thanks to our generous sponsors supplying us with prize giveaways: Adobe, Automatication, Peachpit, Copy Captain, Stocklayout, InDesign Magazine and Layers Magazine. Congratulations to our five lucky winners!

A special thank you to our volunteers, Trever, Peter, Christine, Ashling and Melissa for helping with the setting up and registrations.

Thank you to RMIT University for sponsoring our meetings and providing us with a wonderful venue.

Comments from attendees

- Informative and cemented on knowledge I already had, giving me some ideas for my portfolio.

- Very interesting and informative, excited to play!

- Very informative. I have never opened the interactive options before - so now I want to go home and play!!

- Very interesting - just need to go and put it all into practice now!

Next Meeting

Date: 22 June 2011
Time: 6.30pm - 9.00pm
Venue: RMIT University, 25 Dawson Street, Building 514, Auditorium

Tricia Ho
Chapter Representative
Melbourne InDesign User Group