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Tue, Aug 23rd, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Media Design School

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Our first presentation by ACE Paul Cracknell was how to create a presentation with interactive function and NOT in PowerPoint. We certainly picked up a few tips and tricks here. We learnt how to include buttons, rollovers and transitions to navigate through a document; applying bookmarks, adding hyperlinks, including movie files and animation. Totally out-blinged anything that other program can do, and using tools that are already available to us in CS.

So we decided to have a competition for our members. Create an interactive PDF as wizzy and blingy as you can/like, then email it us. There will be three prizes and we will announce these at the next meeting.

The second presentation came from Simon Taylor of Octane Digital, who talked to us about the “top 10 issues encountered at prepress” and some guidelines to follow. Obviously, you should always talk with your printer about what their requirements. Then with great foresight provided us visual people with examples and a handout on the following:

1. Checking for that white is not set to overprint – using the overprint preview settings/panels.
2. Minimum/maximum bleed standard 3mm.
3. Rich blacks on solid black areas – should be 40% Cyan and 100% Black but leave text just black. Most auto trapping software will do a kickback on the cyan but if it has any other colour in it it won’t.
4. Imposing jobs and sending to printer – DON’T. Send single page documents, let their imposition software do the job of imposing.
5. Crop Marks – when crop marks are applied it creates an invisible box that gets picked up by imposition software. Discuss with your printer whether these are required or not.
6. Double-sized diecut jobs floating in the middle of a sheet – only one dieline needed and keep documents custom sized to the same size as dieline, no bigger.
7. Four-colour jobs containing spots colour – if you require spot colours okay, but if not, all spot colours should be converted to CMYK; otherwise it could be a very costly print job.
8. Colour Settings – always tricky; New Zealand has gone down the ISO standard path which uses Fogra standard. Standard install on software is SWOP, you need to ensure all software is set to same colour settings. Changing Creative Suite Color Settings in Bridge will update settings for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.
9. Converting fonts to outlines – be aware that automated trapping software treats outlined text as a solid object and not text; black text is normally set to overprint to ensure good, clean, sharp text.
10. Books – don’t export as spreads, special Printer spreads required.

Finally, a couple of quick tips and tricks from Heather. Thanks to our sponsors Adobe, InDesign Magazine, Digital Arena, Firebrand Talent, Media Design School and all the other IDUG supporters, especially our members. Then it was time for refreshments (thanks Digital Arena) whilst we conducted our lucky prize draw. I think we had some very happy winners that received Adobe software, InDesign magazine subscriptions and $50 Gift Vouchers.

Thank you

The meeting was wrapped up with a thank you to the sponsors, especially Media Design School for allowing us to use the venue when they had only moved in three days prior, and an introduction to new sponsor Firebrand Talent. Then we ate lots of pizza and drank pop, while the lucky draw was held.

Next Meeting

Don’t forget … if you have any great ideas to put forward as topics, tips, guest presenters, or if you would like to be a presenter yourself, then email us at auckland@indesignusergroup.